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Championship 2016 ENDED!


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Championship 2016 ENDED!

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:02 pm

HeLLo EveRyOnE! I love you

    WWW Championship 2016 has ended!

   Thank you all for participating.

   Because, some of the players went on to other clans (also interest fall apart), games could not play properly to the end.

   I still decided to send to each remaining participant little gift in playforia, to thank and also to congratulate all for winning. (should appear in the mail in a couple of days) Smile

   SPECIAL thanks to M-M_X_V-I and Duriel for helped translations. I love you

   Thank You: I love you
      Like a Star @ heaven  Worm (Kooala)
      Like a Star @ heaven  Sl!ck  
      Like a Star @ heaven  UnderT4K3r
      Like a Star @ heaven  DeathByQ
      Like a Star @ heaven  Duriel

   If we have interested, we will see then year 2017 Championship. (maybe few changes in the rules)


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